How to write a NOVEL

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Stimulate Your Composing and Increase Your Output

Every author can gain from a research study of the efficiency of their private writing process. You can write more and you can compose better by making some adjustments in your composing method.

Recently among my author buddies grumbled about their declining word output.

” I invest more time at the computer than I ever did before and I’m just not producing like I utilized to,” she griped.

After spending a day in writing conferences coaching my struggling novice writers, my response came without mindful believed on my part: “Tell me about your composing procedure.”

” My what?” She asked.


I regularly coach my beginning writers about the best ways to establish their own individual writing technique or procedure and as an instructor of writing I think about mine frequently, but the more I considered it the more I realized that skilled, expert writers seldom hang out speaking about this crucial aspect.

Exactly what a mistake!

Many of us are simply too hectic composing to think too much about the real process. When we do invest time with other writers our interactions usually fall into three classifications– seeking affection for our success, input for our end item, or escape from writing.

Lots of authors also take their writing procedure for granted and just follow the old expression– if it ain’t broke, do not fix it. Exactly what occurs when it does break down as it did with my good friend? If you do not comprehend your very own composing procedure then you cannot repair it. And similar to a number of the machines in your life, routine upkeep checks simply might prevent a major breakdown in the future.

How is your writing procedure?

Many writers avoid the term as it revives afraid memories of a rigid structure forced on them in school. That is not exactly what I wish to speak about at all. Honestly, I always teach my students that there is no such as thing as the writing procedure.

I think we each have our own individual composing procedure, I just do not think in the one-size-fits-all type method that lots of authors were force-fed. How might there be simply one writing procedure– every author I know is a private with different strengths and weak points and character characteristics. It follows really logically then that every writing procedure needs to vary just as every author varies.

Having stated that I must point out that although the actual shape and form of each writing process is specific to the special writer there are particular constants:

~ Generating ideas and selecting a focus
~ Organizing those concepts
~ Writing
~ Revising
~ Editing

The quantity of time you invest in each stage of the composing procedure differs according to the author and the job and this is especially true for me. Lots of writing jobs are so familiar to me that I invest little time selecting a focus or organizing my ideas so I can jump compose into composing. On the other hand I typically generate four or more pages of fiction in about an hour at the computer system since I spend a great deal of time creating and arranging my concepts prior to I take a seat.

I have spent years refining my personal writing process and understand that the action I really invest the least quantity of time is writing. I have learnt how to let my imaginative juices circulation and not to fret about such minor issues as grammar, sentence structure, and word choice. I rarely lose a moment on organization or paragraphing. I simply let the words circulation through my fingerstips until I have actually cleared my spending plan. I hit save and print, clean up my documents and set them aside.

Modification is usually the lion’s share of my composing procedure. It might take me 2 or three drafts to rearrange and form a piece up until I am willing to share it with others. Depending on how challenging and/or intricate the subject then I might need to loop back through brainstorming, organizing and composing to enhance my task. I may make a few minor adjustments to grammar or spelling or sentence structure, but primarily I focus on the larger concerns of focus and advancement and organization.

When I am lastly satisfied my post, chapter, or essay is working as an entire then I start the real modifying procedure of tidying up word choice and sentence structure and any other stray issues that have been ignored. I normally spend just one draft on this actual process.

If you are serious about improving your writing quality and efficiency then you have to hang out examining your individual writing process. You might be shocked by what you find out– and I understand you can put the understanding to great use.